I share emotions: yours.


Gabriele: Filmmaker, Photographer, Mountaineer.

What I love the most is to share emotions, see them reflected in the eyes of those around me. I am lucky to be able to do that with a camera. It’s not always easy, far from it. But everyday it’s a beautiful challenge.

There are many things that are difficult to explain or to tell about myself: you will understand some of them watching my videos, my photos.

A Photographer, a Videomaker, is not only what he tells you: he is also what his images show about him.


You are on the other side of my reflex.

I will listen to your stories to become part of your dreams: may they be about rocks, ice, wind or sea; travel, adventure, exploration, in your backyard or at the edge of the world.

I will guide you in building your dreams, I will follow you until they turn into reality. Back home, l give them shape through my lens and the images that I keep in my heart. I want the film to conjure the emotions of the journey and at the same time light up in the eyes of those watching the desire to hit the road towards new horizons.

Some examples, not a lot. Because every emotion is unique.





Finale ’68 was born as a dream: who would have known that it would have made its debut at the Trento Film Festival, exactly fifty years after the opening of the first climbing route in Finale Ligure?

I had never filmed a full-length film before. It was probably the most difficult challenge in which I ever engaged, but thanks to the help of many Friends I can say that it also turned out to be one of the most beautiful and thrilling adventures of my life.

We traveled a lot with the joy of sharing our job, in Italy and around the World, during festivals or dedicated screenings. We met new friends, listened to old stories, ground kilometres, only to tell this little journey of memories.

“Because a tree blossoms only if it has its roots and the vital sap flows from them to the branches. If we cut the tree at the base, alas! Soon it will die, becoming a dried log to burn, without flowers or fruit. Some maybe in good faith is trying to saw it from its root with the illusion of setting it free. But maybe we’re still in time to find a remedy, and heal the wounds.” (Gian Piero Motti)

FINALE '68 - Italian with English subtitles

  FINALE '68 - Italiano

  FINALE '68 - Italien sous-titré en francais

More info about the movie and the project: Film Freeway


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